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Use the tabs above for audio or video versions of past sermons. There is a sizable gap between 2022 video sermons and current sermons- we discontinued video for a season. The Resource tab has instructions for our Polaris family to view our Financial Statements, access Giving Statements, request Wedding information, and leaders can  request graphics and announcements.

    Give to polaris

    There are a lot of wonderful God-honoring causes out there. God wants you to be generous with what He's blessed you with, but there are many places He could lead you to support. Your job is to pray about where He's calling you to help and then be faithful. If Polaris is a cause God has called you toward, you can CLICK HERE to give online. Thanks for trusting us with your resources! We are an independent church, so all our expenses and our own outward generosity are paid for from people who call Polaris "home" and support us financially. We are humbled and grateful for this support.