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Join us on Sunday at 9:30 AM & 11 AM. PolarisKids is available at both services. SMT meets at 11 AM. 

Scroll down and you'll find out a lot about who we are becoming as a church. If you're considering a visit, in addition to the important stuff below, here are a few data points about our flavor of church:

Our Sunday mornings are casual in dress and feel. We aren't very "churchy", but we are very serious about Jesus. We teach from the Bible and believe it is the Word of God. Our worship and music is guitar-driven. There are children's programs during the worship service that your child could join in on (or they could stay with you during the service). Services are usually an hour long. You might consider clicking the "Past Services & Podcasts" tab above and listening to a sermon to get a feel for a Sunday morning experience.

If you're thinking about a visit, scroll down to learn more about us.

What we believe

At Polaris, we hold the Bible to be God's authority for our lives. We expect our church family to energetically search the Scriptures as their faith grows. There is no set of beliefs you are required to hold to worship with us. However, our leaders and volunteers who represent our church to the community and to our church family would need to align with typical orthodox values of the Christian faith. We think the ancient Apostles Creed best sums up what we center around doctrinally.

What We Do

We want to be an Isaiah 58 movement that makes disciples of Jesus. To become this, we help people:

1. Live Like Jesus

2. Invest In Relationships

3. Make A Difference

We believe that Jesus is ready to transform your life, connect you with other people who are following Him, and use you to make a real difference in the world. Our ministries are aimed at helping you and your family develop in those three areas.

Isaiah 58

"...spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness..."  - Isaiah 58

Isaiah 58 has become a special passage from the Bible for our church. We want to make a difference in the lives of people who are hurting, who may be far from God, and we especially go all out to help kids know Jesus and love the Church. We want all people to know just how much God loves them. We want to be an Isaiah 58 movement! Our hope is that by seeing God's love, people everywhere would turn to Jesus for hope and healing. Click on the Isaiah 58 main tab to see a few of our main causes we support. 


Our ministries are all built to help people:

1. Live like Jesus

2. Invest in Relationships

3. Make a Difference

We especially go all out for kids!

We have a growing and thriving Children's Ministry, a booming preschool and Kindergarten (Rise & Shine), and a great Student Ministry (SMT) for teens. We also have a growing college-aged ministry. We have several ministries that help the under-resourced and that help people take steps toward serving children in need. Our Community Groups help people invest in healthy relationships. You can read about them next.


God built His Church around community. In the book of Acts, the early Christians are described as sharing so generously that no one had any needs. It was an inspiring community of love. That's what we're trying to build here.

We have a Care Ministry to meet the needs of our church family, but we also have Community Groups that can help you build healthy relationships. These groups meet in family homes and are held on varying nights of the week. If you want to build healthy relationships with other people who are following Jesus, community groups are the path we offer to help you with that.